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Data Center World 2024 Interactive Brochure

View our interactive brochure to learn more about our event taking place April 15 - 18, 2024, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Plus, find an exclusive promo code inside.

2024 Data Center World Interative Brochure

DCW Ranked Top Technology Conference

For the second consecutive year, CIODIVE has named Data Center World a top technology conference to attend. 

Top technology conference to attend in 2024

Data Center World 2023 Recap

It's All About Connectivity

There's no "official" theme for the annual Data Center World conference, which was held this year in Austin, Texas. Nevertheless, because the data center industry itself is constantly attuned to the latest trends, emerging technologies, and breaking news from the world of tech at large, it's inevitable that some concepts would break from the pack and begin to dominate the conversation. Download now to continue reading!

2021 State of the Data Center Report

A look at the Evolution of Our Industry 5th Edition

If 2020 taught us one thing, it’s that data never sleeps. We saw a massive proliferation of connectivity, user distribution, and a greater focus on the systems that keep everything running: our data centers.

2021 State of the Data Center Report

The 2022 State of the Data Center Report

A look at the evolution of our industry

The annual State of the Data Center Report offers a comprehensive look into the most up-to-the-minute technologies, trends and best practices dominating the data center market.

The 2022 report includes critical findings around supply chain challenges, diversity and inclusion initiatives, 5G deployments, and the latest cloud and security trends.

Areas covered include:

  • Data center deployment plans
  • DCIM strategies and new technologies
  • Data storage capacity and growth
  • Rack density
  • Renewable energy trends
  • Hiring practices and challenges
  • Generational trends, diversity, equity, and inclusion programs
  • Sustainability (water, power, and more)
  • 5G/Edge deployment
  • Cloud trends
  • Key security concerns
2022 State of the Data Center Report

AFCOM 2021 Journal - Data Center Careers

Navigating the Twists and Turns of Hiring

Find out how companies are dealing with the widening IT skills gap. It’s not closing nearly as quickly as data centers would have hoped. The issue also addresses how diversity and internships can play impactful roles in easing the hiring challenges.

Specifically, you’ll learn how AFCOM’s Potomac Chapter is on the fourth year of its successful internship scholarship program and hear from winners. We also talk with Salute America, an organization that puts veterans to work in the data center industry. Download today!

Data Center Careers eBook Cover

AFCOM Leaders Lab Whitepaper: Data Center Outfitting & Energy Planning for Optimal Building Performance

A Leaders Lab

Whether you’re dealing with a legacy design or mapping out a new facility, it’s imperative your mission-critical building facilities will provide optimal opportunity for your data center to operate at peak performance and efficiency. Careful planning of the design of operational systems such as the power grid, cooling, redundancies, environmental considerations, and climate controls is as important to the success of the business as oversight of compute, storage, and networking. As the data center evolves beyond the traditional on-premise raised-floor design, you need to be prepared with an ongoing design and strategy that adjusts with your data center and building operational needs.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to establish sure-fire plans for known conditions and how to adjust to critical facilities on the fly as conditions change.

Data Center Outfitting and Energy Planning for Optimal Building Performance

2021 Omdia Trends To Watch: Data Center Energy Efficiency and Sustainability:

The environmental impact of an organization must be accounted for and its cost and value fully understood.

As the governments of the world agree to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and begin to introduce legislation to enshrine these principles in law, it will be the business sector that is forced to alter current working practices to ensure that individual contributions can be measured, reported on, and reduced.

Omdia considers that responsibility for coordinating and managing this new requirement will be given to a single C-suite executive, and it is our contention that in many organizations the chief sustainability officer (CSO) is best placed to ensure this work is performed across departments in a fair and equitable manner. The operational impact of these new demands will drive new approaches to the way in which employees perform their duties, which in turn will be reflected in the transformation of typical office working practices.

Download for key points and full recommendations!

2021 Trends to Watch

2022 Omdia Trends To Watch: Data Center Physical Infrastructure

The future of data centers is evolving rapidly because of new technologies and market needs:

  • The global data center landscape is changing—technologies enabling automation, resource and cost optimization, compute density, and sustainability are becoming a must. To stay competitive, legacy data centers need to be upgraded.
  • COVID-19 acted as a booster to the data center industry because of the increased reliance on enterprise and consumer cloud services like collaboration software as a service (SaaS).
  • Demand for data centers will remain strong in 2022.
  • Watch out for semiconductor supply shortages affecting data center deployments and expansions.

Download today for full overview and recommendations.

2022 Trends to Watch: Data Center Physical Infrastructure

DEEP Underground

A case study with Bluebird Underground Data Center By Scott Stonham

We spoke with Todd Murren -- General Manager of Bluebird Underground, a state-of-the-art data center buried 85 feet underground in the corner of a disused 5 million-square-foot limestone mine -- to find out why the data center is underground and how it helps Bluebird Underground achieve more sustainable operations and lower carbon emissions.

Find out what he had to say today!

DEEP Underground

DEEP/Leaders Lab Framework for Sustainability

A dozen of the industry’s greatest minds attended an AFCOM Leaders Lab workshop to peer-review and validate a framework designed to quantify and simplify data center sustainability.

These handpicked senior data center practitioners were tasked with thinking about best practices for sustainability across four key categories: airflow management, electrical systems, mechanical systems, and processes. This paper will discuss the framework that the collaboration generated and the industry drivers that led to the need for such a framework.

Toward a Framework for Data Center Sustainability