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The AI Data Center – Evolution or Revolution?

An Omdia Analyst Summit

When: Monday, April 15, 2024 | 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Where: Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Analyst insight into the evolving AI software ecosystem  

The hot topic in the data center industry is artificial intelligence (AI) but does every data center operator need to invest in the headline-grabbing server clusters and infrastructure needed to train large language models? AI science is evolving fast with a distinct focus on efficiency and accelerated AI training. Data center operators need to find the balance between prematurely overspending on white elephant projects and quickly capturing the end-user demand for AI applications. 

Omdia’s Cloud and Data Center Research Practice is back for its third annual Analyst Summit, presenting a third party, vendor-agnostic perspective on industry and technology trend. During the 2024 event expect to see the team’s latest technical observations and market forecasts, and a deep dive into what data center operators should bear in mind as they address the unprecedented demand for AI. 

Exclusive Access to Data Center Analysts and New Research

The Omdia Analyst Summit features independent, world-class data center and cloud research shared by industry analysts with decades of technology research experience, providing attendees with data-driven, real-world insight and perspective. Omdia serves and supports organizations' go-to-market strategy and approach, whether it’s to quantify market opportunities or to validate market position. 

Roy Illsley
Chief Analyst, IT Operations

Alan Howard
Principal Analyst, Colocation & Data Center Building

Dominika Koncewicz
Principal Analyst, Cloud & Data Center Building

Aaron Lewis
Analyst, Data Center Computing

Shen Wang
Principal Analyst, Power & Cooling Infrastructure

Michael Azoff
Chief Analyst, Omdia

Lisa Huff
Senior Principal Analyst, Optical Components

Siraj Aziz
Analyst, Micro & Modular Data Center

Who Should Attend

Data center technology solution provider professionals looking to better understand and reach the markets they hope to serve, including:

  • Marketing
  • Product Planning & Development
  • Research & Development
  • Sales
  • All Data Center operators and equipment suppliers looking to navigate disruption and gain the information to make better decisions

Why Attend

Direct line into independent data center and cloud research used by the largest companies in the industry, normally available to subscribing customers only. 

Join us for this exclusive forum where you’ll hear from analysts who will provide market background, technical details and recommendations to the audience on key data center and cloud topics.

It's a day long industry event you simply cannot afford to miss. Join us in Washington, D.C. in April. 

*To contribute to an interactive, cooperative environment, we are unable to accept employees of other industry analyst firms. The final determination of participants of the Omdia Research Forum rests with Data Center World and Omdia event management.

Register Today and Connect with The Data Center Industry

There are two ways to attend the Omdia Analyst Forum:  

All Access Pass 
Access to all four days of Data Center World, including:

  • Omdia Analyst Summit
  • Workshops
  • Conference sessions
  • Keynotes
  • Expo Hall
  • All networking receptions and events.  

Omdia Analyst Summit Pass ($199)
Access to the one-day Omdia Research Forum. Pass benefits include:  

  • One day Summit taking place Monday, April 15, 2024, from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
  • Presentations by Omdia Data Center Analyst team  
  • Roundtable discussions hosted by Analysts  
  • Breakout sessions hosted by Analysts  
  • Access to 2024 Omdia Data Center Trends research report (Value $2,999)  
  • Network with Omdia’s entire Data Center Analyst team  


12:00 pm - 1:00 pmGuest ArrivalHost: Dominika Koncewicz
1:00 pm – 1:10 pmIntroductionSpeaker: Vladimir Galabov
 Session title: The AI Data Center – Evolution or Revolution?" 
1:10 pm – 2:10 pmAnd the winning AI cooling technology is… 
 A year on from the start of the AI investment super-wave, fueled by the popularization of generative AI, the Omdia analyst team show which AI cooling technology is being deployed at scale and why. The session will feature actual use examples and real data points.  
 Analyst presentation (10 mins)Speaker: Shen Wang
 Discussion panel (50 mins)Moderator: Shen Wang
  Panelists: Schneider Electric, CoolIT, Accelsius, Iceotope, Vertiv
14:10 pm - 14:20 pmBreak 
2:20 pm – 2:50 pmAI Software: disruptor or disrupted? 

The AI Software Ecosystem is disrupting the IT industry, and it is itself being disrupted by academic research and development activity focused on making AI more accessible and less compute intensive. We will cover both sides of this complex topic.

 Analyst presentation (10 mins)Speaker: Michael Azoff
 Analyst presentation (20 mins)Moderator: Dominika Koncewicz
  Panelists: Michael Azoff and Roy Illsley
2:10 pm – 2:10 pmBreak 
2:50 pm – 3:00 pmAI Computing: is it all about GPUs? 
 Parallel computing is the name of the game when it comes to AI but does it always require huge investment in GPU-accelerated server clusters? We will answer this and other burning questions including when is in-house ASIC development worth it; and are there low cost alternatives?  
 Analyst presentation (10 mins)Speaker: Vladimir Galabov
3:00 pm – 3:50 pmHave we finally built enough data centers? 
 The data center industry has been in a permanent expansion mode for decades. With AI investment taking center stage is building focus changing to single tenant “AI factories”? In this session we will show the most recent data center building activity and the global top 100. The panel discussion will focus on how AI clusters fit into the data center equation and how AI power requirements are impacting data center location selection. Expect to also learn about the upcoming global hotspots when it comes to data center building activity.  
 Analyst presentation (10 mins)Speaker: Alan Howard
 Discussion panel (40 mins)Moderator: Dominika Koncewicz
  Panelists: Alan Howard, Siraj Aziz, Aaron Lewis & Maincubes
3:50 pm – 4:00 pmWrap up and final Q&ASpeaker: Dominika Koncewicz
4:00 pm - 7:00 pmWomen in the Data Center Networking Reception 

Industry behemoths like Intel, Apple and Rolls Royce rely on Omdia for a data-driven, technical perspective to connect the dots and stay ahead of the curve. The Analyst Summit will examine the entire technology stack from software to IT equipment and physical infrastructure. Topics include: 

  • AI software development and system requirements
  • AI computing, networking and best practices for feeding AI models
  • AI cooling approaches and how maximize efficiency
  • Data center building and design to enable the AI boom

To provide maximum value the Omdia analyst team will present existing data points on each topic, and will follow each presentation up with a discussion panel featuring analysts and special guests, no marketing buzz words allowed. Apart from analyst presentations and panels the event will also include:

  • A first look at Omdia’s latest research (before it’s published publicly)
  • The slides presented by the analysts during the event ($2,999 value)
  • Access to the 2023 Omdia “Trends to Watch” report ($2,999 value)
  • A networking happy hour 

Become a Sponsor

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