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Save the Dates | April 15 - 18, 2024 | Washington, D.C.

What's New at Data Center World

We all know it's essential to keep up with the day-to-day management of the data center. Still, staying informed about what lies over the horizon that might seriously impact your data center's performance is also critical. Stay ahead of the curve, and prepare to manage people, processes, and technologies in new and innovative ways.

Here's what to expect at Data Center World:

  • Focusing on the Future - From the Metaverse and Virtual Reality to Liquid Cooling, we'll share ways to apply future technologies to modern use-cases
  • Data Centers Up Close & Personal - We're excited to share Site Tours will be on the schedule; stay tuned for more details
  • Sustainability - We will discuss how we as an industry are concentrating on new solutions like water sustainability, power research, new battery solutions, and even nuclear-powered data centers
  • Sustainable Debt, Investments, and ESG - Which sustainable solutions will significantly impact investments and growth in the data center space? Our experts will share their thoughts.
  • Careers, Networking, and+ Development - We will hear from, literally, the future of the data center industry. This year's conference will offer new sessions, workshops, and internship opportunities.
  • Data Center BUILD - A NEW 2-day summit at Data Center World dedicated around data center construction and design, from site-selection to material procurement to implementation.  
  • Omdia Analyst Summit - Sustainability in Practice is the 2023 hot topic. The Summit features expert data center and cloud Analysts who will delve into new technologies and services that can be exploited by data center operators and solution providers who want to decrease their carbon footprint. 
  • PowerUp Program - Due to tremendous success in 2022, Data Center World is excited to bring back the PowerUp Program. This initiative educates and motivates students currently in technical or electrical fields of study.

Whether you are an industry veteran or new to the market, the learning and networking opportunities at Data Center World will give you the skills and insight that put you at the leading edge of the industry. Data Center World delivers emerging concepts, sound advice and best practices to address today's urgent challenges and help data center leaders stay at the forefront of the industry.

Data Centers – Up Close and Personal

Have you noticed just how unique and active the data center industry is today? Mergers, acquisitions, and unparalleled growth are all happening in this space. Why is this all happening? Because data centers are really cool! And what better way to experience that coolness than being up close and personal with a real-life data center! Haven't seen one in person yet? This is your chance! We'll be doing site tours with some of the most advanced data centers in the market!

Sustainability – An Entirely New Approach and Discussion

The discussion around sustainability only continues to evolve. Now more than ever, entire teams, compensation structures, and even corporate leadership are focusing on sustainability.

Yes, we've discussed this in the past. But this year is different because we'll discuss real solutions, how sustainability will impact your facilities, and new approaches to create a greener future. Get ready to discuss new technologies, sustainable financing, and what future sustainable designs will look like. Natural resources are scarce. For the first time, we'll discuss how we as an industry are focusing on new solutions like water sustainability, power research, new battery solutions, and even nuclear-powered data centers!

Sustainable Debt and New Investments in the Data Center Industry

Our industry is growing faster than ever before. In one day alone, we saw two of the largest mergers ever in the data center space. This year, we're expanding the conversation to a new topic. Sustainable debt, investments, and ESG. This year's conference will have more investors, capital finance leaders, and people who are very interested in learning how sustainable debt will impact the future of the data center industry. Specifically, we'll discuss which sustainable solutions will significantly impact investments and growth in the data center space. You won't want to miss these conversations!

A New Focus on Careers, Networking, and Development

The future of the data center is bright, diverse, and inclusive. However, it'll take ALL of you to get to that better place. This year we'll hear from, literally, the future of the data center industry. New sessions, workshops, and even internship opportunities will be available at this year's conference. We'll hear what's important, how to get the best talent into the data center space, and – this the cool part – we're partnering with schools and universities to make a real difference! You'll hear about all-new programs in schools, how you can get involved, and where you can turn for young and talented people to help fill your data centers!

Sustainability in Practice – An Omdia Analyst Summit

The hot topic in the data center industry is sustainability but we rarely find ourselves on the same page when discussing activities and priorities. Omdia’s Cloud and Data Center Research Practice is back for its second annual Analyst Summit at Data Center World, presenting a third party, vendor-agnostic perspective on industry and technology trend. During the 2023 event expect to see the team’s latest technical observations and market forecasts, and a deep dive into sustainability practices. The discussion will go beyond from-the-grid access to renewable energy and efficient equipment, delving into new technologies and services that can be exploited by data center operators who want to decrease their carbon footprint. 

Connecting Data Center Operators, Designers and Builders

Monday, May 8, 2023 – Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Building a data center is a highly complex, multi-year, multi-billion-dollar business with tremendous risk and potential rewards for each decision. 

Data Center BUILD is a two-day construction and design summit that will bring together operators, decision-makers, experts & implementers to help you drive smart decisions for data center growth. This executive-level summit provides you with the information and connections you need to design and build your data center.

Discover Solutions Providers

Network with hundreds of data center experts and leading solution providers and uncover all the latest technology must-haves for your company.

Explore the expo floor and meet with vendors exhibiting hundreds of products and services that can help you identify the best technology solutions to improve your data center management strategy. Learn what’s new in the industry and compare your options to ensure that you make the best purchasing decision for your company.