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Emerging IT & Data Center Technologies

This track focuses on IT advancements that have recently begun to impact the data center, providing a practical look at emerging technologies and processes. You’ll hear about the most buzz-worthy topics in the news and takeaway an understanding of how they may affect current and future business norms. Separating fact from hype, you’ll learn from experts who will help you and your team navigate these ever-changing technologies. 

  • Legacy vs generative AI and its effect on machine learning, construction, maintenance, and design  
  • AI ethics  
  • Transparency Fiber/Interconnectivity  
  • Hyperscale computing  
  • Blockchain enabled solutions  
  • Silicon photonics  
  • GPU and next-generation processing  
  • Advanced battery and power technologies  
  • Product roadmaps for compute, storage & networking equipment  
  • Composable Infrastructure

Design, Build, Operate, Control

This conference track explores how companies are designing and building out their data center architectures for maximum efficiency and performance. We’ll include topics on community relations, outfitting and maintaining a data center, as well as monitoring operations of assets, and provide expert advice across the spectrum of data center management.  

  • Build, upgrade, retrofit
  • Site selection
  • Community relations
  • Capacity planning or optimization
  • Predictive & prescriptive maintenance using AI
  • IoT, IT, and OT
  • Change management
  • Physical security
  • Software tools: DCIM, APM, EMS, BAS, etc.
  • Automation/Robotics
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity
  • Modular, skid
  • Edge
  • 5G

Colocation, Hyperscale, and Cloud Innovation

This track explores the latest information on colocation, edge computing, cloud strategies and on-premise architectures. We’ll also include topics on application development, systems integration, and workload management.  

  • On-premises public and private cloud infrastructure  
  • Colocation provider selection criteria
  • Edge computing planning and management
  • Colocation planning and management
  • Impacts of and potential for reduced capacity 
  • Existing and emerging managed services
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service
  • Provider sustainability metrics
  • Tier based pricing
  • Software defined data center
  • Workload/Cloud Repatriation
  • Private cloud

Sustainability Strategies, from Power to Recycling

This track covers the important issues that impact management of a sustainable mission-critical facility including how data center operators consume and conserve energy, and best practices in tracking carbon emissions. This year we’ll go deeper into a growing push for reuse and recycling of IT equipment, spearheaded by the hyperscale cloud service providers. We’ll also cover topics that address data center facilities management, real estate, physical security, safety, cooling, power consumption, labor, and more.  

  • Cooling techniques that lower power consumption
  • Power consumption and management, electrical/mechanical, target distribution
  • Water usage
  • Renewable and low carbon energy sources
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact on data centers
  • Decommissioning legacy equipment, electronic waste, responsible disposal
  • Rate reduction programs (grants, rebates)
  • Carbon emissions tracking and accountability
  • Tracking of carbon emissions throughout the supply chain  
  • Labor Strategies

Data Center BUILD

Data Center BUILD is a two-day construction and design summit at Data Center World that will bring together operators, decision-makers, experts & implementers to help you drive smart decisions for data center growth. This executive-level summit will provide the information and connections you need to design and build your data center.

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