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Save the date for Data Center World 2023: May 8-11, 2023. 

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Emerging Data Center Technologies

This track will be focused on more of the leading-edge technologies that have recently begun to, or will soon, impact the data center, providing a practical look at emerging technologies and processes. We’ll address topics that will influence data center strategies for the future as well as existing strategies that require more complex planning and implementation, like AI, machine learning, and 5G networking.

  • 5G
  • AI, machine learning
  • Fiber/Interconnectivity
  • Hyperscale computing
  • Blockchain enabled solutions
  • Silicon photonics
  • GPU and next-generation processing
  • Advanced cooling and heat transfer
  • Programmable data centers
  • Advanced battery and power technologies

Design, Build, Operate, Control

This conference track will explore how companies are designing and building out their data center architectures for maximum efficiency and performance. We’ll include topics on outfitting and maintaining a data center, as well as monitoring operations of assets, and provide expert advice across the spectrum of data center management.

  • Build, upgrade, retrofit
  • Site selection
  • Capacity planning or optimization
  • Predictive & prescriptive maintenance
  • IoT
  • Change management
  • Operational analytics
  • Software tools: DCIM, APM, EMS, BAS, etc.
  • Automation
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity
  • Modular, skid
Data Center Essentials

Data Center Essentials

This track will provide insight and perspective on the main data center issues for newcomers to the data center, as well as for veterans looking to learn new skills outside of their primary roles. For those considering a new career, or those looking to expand their leadership skills, this track will provide basic-level knowledge of key issues.

  • Data center design and management basics
  • Introduction to mission critical facilities
  • Primers on edge, colocation, cloud, and other emerging platforms
  • Leadership
  • Finding, hiring, training, and retaining talent
  • Personal branding, career advice
  • Selling your ideas to management/how to secure budget for your data center initiatives

Colocation, Hosting, and Cloud Innovation

Data Center World will explore the latest information on cloud strategies, colocation, edge computing, and on-premise architectures. We’ll also include topics on application development, systems integration, and workload management. 

  • Multi-cloud strategies and services
  • Edge computing planning and management
  • Hyperconverged infrastructures
  • SDN
  • Colocation planning and management
  • DevOps
  • Managed services
  • Power as a service
  • Water as a service
  • Provider sustainability metrics
  • Tier based pricing
  • Software defined data center
  • Workload Repatriation
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Sustainability & Mission Critical Facilities Management

Sustainability & Mission Critical Facilities Management

This track will cover the important issues that impact management of a sustainable mission-critical facility including how data center operators consume and conserve energy. We’ll also cover topics that address data center facilities management, real estate, physical security, safety, cooling, power consumption, and more.

  • Cooling techniques
  • Power consumption, electrical/mechanical, target distribution
  • Water usage
  • Renewable resources, sustainability
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact on data centers
  • Physical/site security
  • Decommissioning legacy equipment, electronic waste, responsible disposal
  • Rate reduction programs (grants, rebates)
  • Circular economy
  • Cable and wiring
  • Heat transfer and ducts