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Sustainability at Informa

Data Center World’s Parent Company

Sustainability at Informa focuses on the long term impacts we have on customers, colleagues, the communities we work in and with and the environment, as well as the impact of the content we create and curate.

Informa’s Sustainability activities are focused on our pillars that link to our business operations and position in the Knowledge and Information Economy: Content, our Customers, the Communities we work within, our Colleagues and the Environment. Learn more about our sustainability pillars.

For us, it is about being responsible and fair over the long term, increasing the positive impacts that Informa's operations, products and colleagues have, and in doing so, ensuring the Group's ongoing viability, growth and success.

Our area of biggest impact and positive change is through the content we produce: the data, intelligence, knowledge, research and connections created and shared by each of our business divisions.

This content helps customers and specialist communities around the world work smarter, make better and more informed decisions faster, and solve critical challenges in their area. Many of these challenges are significant global ones that have been marked out by the UN through its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiative.

More information about our sustainability work can be can be found in the 2018 Sustainability Report.

Data Center World

Committed to Sustainability

Like the data center community as a whole, we at Data Center World are committed to continually improving the sustainability of Data Center World and encourage an environment of efficiency and sustainability.

  • We choose partners that value sustainability, such as GES and the Orange County Convention Center
  • We've reduced the total amount of printed materials and use recycled paper for materials we print
  • We recycle our badges
  • We’ve eliminated paper speaker evaluations in favor of electronic feedback form
  • As much as possible, we’ve greatly reduced the use of individual plastic water bottles in session rooms
  • Whenever feasible, large format graphics are reused from year to year