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How Data Center World is the Bridge to New and Future Technology Concepts

The world of digital infrastructure is experiencing constant change and evolution. As exciting as this might be, it's also a little bit overwhelming. There are many new concepts around physical infrastructure, data-driven solutions, and emerging designs around sustainability and efficiency. To top it off, we now have the metaverse to work with.

During the 2021 Data Center World conference, we had a special keynote that took our audience on an epic journey beyond augmented reality and virtual reality. What we saw was a meta-experience.

Our keynote speaker, Toshi Hoo, Director of the Emerging Media Lab at the Institute for the Future, put on his meta-reality headset and took us on a fascinating journey.

During Toshi's keynote, the data center audience saw that our experience in "reality" would likely change. We're going to experience new ways of communicating with people, interacting with physical spaces, and ensuring that we can connect with people and things unlike ever before.

So, imagine how this data center audience felt when we saw our Data Center World Conference become virtualized, where people from across the country felt like they were sitting right next to us. 

This may seem out-of-this-world. But there is an excellent reason why we chose to have this as our leading keynote. At Data Center World, we aim to have the most innovative and inventive conversations that will be impacting our industry. While Toshi was displaying the power of a meta experience, our workshops and sessions discussed data-driven solutions and even virtual reality as a management tool for modern data centers.

A leading DCIM workshop at Data Center World 2021 focused on this specifically. You can create a living 'digital twin' of an in-production data center for the first time. Beyond presentations and PowerPoints, we showed our attendees how these solutions are a reality today. These were not static images of a virtual data center; and instead, they were sensor and data-driven models of actual data center halls.

We take the data center into the metaverse by creating data-driven models of living data centers in digital format. This means our ability to deploy, manage, architect, and support next-generation digital infrastructure facilities will be empowered by augmented and virtual reality solutions, driven by things like digital twin modeling.

What's in store for Data Center World 2022? We're diving into the metaverse and taking new concepts even further. For example, this DCIM session will be back, updated, and better than ever, where attendees will be able to wear a VR headset and explore a living digital twin data center.

We'll discuss new and emerging topics around sustainability, new energy sources like nuclear power for data centers, and how we as a community can become better stewards of data and digital infrastructure.

At Data Center World, we present the future concepts of data center evolution. We then showcase how these solutions are being applied today and how they'll help shape tomorrow's digital infrastructure. Don't miss this fantastic event where you'll learn, experience, and interact with some of the latest data center technologies. Many of which might be making their way into your data center soon.


Bill Kleyman
Progam Chair, Data Center World 
EVP Digital Solutions, Switch

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